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Calling All Cat Nip Lovers

Today mummy let me write a post to let you guys know about my favorite toy. I like it so much because it has the bestest cat nip in it and I loves cat nip. They’re also woolly creatures I like to bat around, and rub my face on and bite. I love them so much.

When mummy comes back from the stores I always gets excited when I see one of these as a present. My favorite is Spidey-man.


Mummy always comes home with different ones. Once a Ninja Turtle, thens a Batman, Spidey-man, a Giraffe- there’s so many different ones I do not remember them all.

Theys the one toy I go nuts for. When I sees them I run after them. Nothing separates me from my toys.

The bag they comes in is a toy too. I once crawled in it and read the receipt. My mummy spends $3.49 plus tax on each one.

Barn Yarn Animals Catnip Toy

We lives in Canada so mummy gets them at a Canadian Pet Valu store. If you don’t live in Canada don’t worry kitty friends. I did a little web surfing of my owns and see you can get them on a sites called Amazon. So kitty friends- we can alls enjoy them!

There’s so many to choose from. Let me knows which one your mummy or daddy gets you!